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Looking after your chameleon and ensuring they have the care they need is vital to ensuring that they live for a long time. So here at Pet Chameleon Care you will find a wealth of articles and information to help you give your Chameleon the care they need.

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Chameleon species. Here we look at the different species of Chameleon found around the world.

Nature and character of Chameleons. We look at their size, sounds, sight, their nature, what they are like, hearing and a whole lot more.

Choosing a Chameleon. Here we look at where to go to get a chameleon, making a good choice, how many to have, quarantine, taking the Chameleon home and more.

Chameleons and other animals. Here we look at the relationship that degus have with other animals, especially those that are also household pets.

How to feed your degu. Looking at the best ways of feeding a guinea pig, different techniques, and things to use.

Chameleon owner Frequently Asked Questions. We look at the questions people are afraid to ask out loud, but need to know an answer.

Degu foods. Here we look at every possible food your Chameleons eat. We discuss its suitability,  its tastiness for the Chameleon and whether it should be welcomed or avoided.

How to care for your Chameleon. Here we look at providing daily care for your Chameleon, weekly care, health, waste disposal, routine care, what to do in emergencies and more.

Making a home for your Chameleon. Here we look at the home, location, size, what  to use and much more.


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