Can chameleons eat tomato worms?

Can chameleons tomato worms?

They can if the tomato worms are not fed tomato leaves. Tomato leaves are toxic for chameleons and so will turn the tomato worms toxic.

If you are unsure whether they have eaten tomato leaves, then don’t feed them to your chameleon.

can chameleons eat wax moths

Can Chameleons Eat Wax Moths?

According to Beebase, there are currently two known species of wax moth which are called the greater wax moth and the lesser wax moth.

They both have four stages of development which are the egg, larva, pupa, and adult.

The greater wax moth is more destructive and more common, whilst the lesser wax moth is less prevalent and destructive than the greater wax moth.

Infestations of both species of wax moth come from having unhygienic management practices.

They are considered pests to bees and beekeepers as they eat unoccupied honey bee combs.

They are found everywhere that honey bees are present and particularly enjoy warmer and tropical areas rather than cold places.

Can chameleons eat wax moths?

Yes, they can but they do not have the nutrients and energy that the grubs do before they turn into moths.

By the time they turn into moths the energy and nutrients that they had as grubs have been used up.

Another thing to bear in mind is that eating wild insects is not generally recommended as there is no knowing what parasites and bacteria they contain from being in the wild.

Insects that are bred specially for feeding are much better for captive chameleons than those found and caught in the wild.

If they do happen to catch one though, do keep an eye on your chameleon to make sure that there are no ill effects from it.

If you notice any downturn in the behavior or health of your chameleon then consider seeking out veterinary attention.

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What worms can chameleons eat

What worms can chameleons eat?

What worms can chameleons eat? Chameleons love to eat insects. They are a staple part of their diet and give them the nutritional benefits that they need to live well.

For a captive pet chameleon, the best insects to feed them are bred especially for feeding reptiles.

These insects are available at good pet stores or specialist reptile stores so that you know that they are free from parasites that may be found in insects that are caught in the wild.

A prominent type of insect that chameleons can eat are worms. There are different types of worm that they can eat, so let’s look at the good varieties that are beneficial for a chameleon.

What worms can chameleons eat?

King mealworms


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can chameleons hear

Can Chameleons Hear?

Chameleons are lizards that are native to Africa and Madagascar.

They are also found in the Saudi Arabian Peninsula which is where the veiled chameleon is particularly found.

Chameleons are some of the most unusual lizards that you may find and have the most brilliant characteristics which have caused much investigation in the scientific and zoological world.

The ears of a Chameleon

They are renown for their fantastic eyes and amazing tongue, however, one of their lesser-known features is that you cannot see their ears.

In fact, they do not have outer ear structures like many other animals such as humans have.

Instead, they have two microscopic holes on each side of their heads and are located close to their eyes.

Because these holes are so tiny, they are not very useful when it comes to hearing.

This means that chameleons rely on their other senses such as their sense of touch and sight to guide them, help them locate food and to avoid predators.

Can Chameleons hear?

Chameleons can hear, but because they have tiny holes for ears, it means their hearing is very limited and do not pick up on sounds very well.

Ears are incredible body parts as they enable both humans and animals to be able to hear what’s around them.

Hearing, is one of the five senses of the body and helps the body to pick up sound waves and vibrations.

Sound travels in waves through the air, the ground and various other substances. It cannot be seen with the naked eye but can be felt by vibrations.

What can chameleons hear?

In order to figure out what a chameleon can hear, it is important to understand their frequency range.

The frequency range of a chameleon is between 200 and 600hz.

In contrast, the human frequency range is from 20hz to 20khz.

How does human hearing compare to chameleon hearing?

Our hearing is extremely sensitive and we can pick up the softest whispers to the loudest bangs.

Chameleons, on the other hand, cannot pick up the softest of whispers and have a limited range in which to hear things.

Once the sound gets the range of a human or animal it becomes ultrasound.

Many animals such as dogs, cats and bat’s can hear and pick up on ultrasound but unfortunately, chameleons can’t.

So if you are speaking to your chameleon, consider that the regular range for a human voice starts at around 500hz which is almost at the limit of what they can hear.

So it is worth actually lowering your voice a little when speaking to your chameleon if you want them to try and pick up your sound vibrations.

Because the hearing of chameleons is very limited they actually create and detect plant born vibrations which are thought to help them communicate since their hearing is so poor.

How do their other senses help them?

Not only is their hearing poor, but their sense of smell is not good either.

Instead, they rely on their fantastic eyesight to guide them the most.

Their eyes are extremely powerful and one of nature’s marvel with the ability to turn 360 degrees and to see as fat as 10 meters away.

can chameleons eat freeze dried crickets

Can chameleons eat freeze dried crickets?

Freeze-drying—technically known as lyophilisation, lyophilization, or cryodesiccation—is a dehydration process typically used to preserve a perishable material or make the material more convenient for transport.

Freeze-drying works by freezing the material and then reducing the surrounding pressure to allow the frozen water in the material to sublime directly from the solid phase to the gas phase.

Can chameleons eat freeze dried crickets?

Chameleons much prefer live food and so will not tend to eat freeze dried crickets. So it is not worth buying them for your chameleon. Buy live crickets instead.

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